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Sheetmetal Fabrication Services for the Melbourne Area

Bronson Sheetmetal Fabrication is well known in Melbourne for delivering the finest quality in all products and workmanship, no matter how simple or challenging the work may be. It provides steel fabrication service in Melbourne area. We have a passion for all sheet metal and steel fabrication work in Melbourne area, from the design process, right up to manufacturing and delivering to each and every one of our customers.

All the materials we use are top end, from mild steel, and stainless steel to aluminium, meaning your items will last for many years to come. You can rest assured when dealing with Bronson that you have chosen the very best fabrication services in the local industry. 

We are skilled in designing, manufacturing and delivering items such as:

• Electrical cabinets
• Tanks and vessels
• Fume extraction and ventilation ducts
• Architectural features and handrails
• Pipe work
• Guarding
• Staircases and platforms
• Handrails and balustrades
• Customised tradesmen vehicle canopies and tool boxes
• Just about anything else!

Our services are available to a diverse range of clients and industries, no matter how big or small the job. As well as design and manufacturing, we also offer maintenance and modification services, so as you can see we are the experts in all things sheet metal fabrication.

Some of the industries we service are:

·      Engineering
·      Electrical
·      Car manufacturing
·      Food and beverage
·      Dairy
·      Chemical
·      Construction
·      Architectural
·      Printing
·      Glass manufacturing
·      Medical, science and technology
·      Agriculture
·      Defence and security

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